Class Descriptions



Ashtanga is a physical form of yoga which synchronizes breath and movement through a precise sequence of postures called the primary series.  The intention of the practice is to cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body, as well as focus and calm the mind.  All ashtanga classes at AYR move through the Primary Series at various levels so there is an appropriate pace for each level of practitioner:

Level 1 & 1/2: detailed instruction; attention to alignment and modifications given
Level 2 & 2/3:
less verbal instruction, more attention to moving seamlessly with the breath

INTRO TO ASHTANGA (level 1) 8 week series for beginners or students new to ashtanga.  Recommended as the best option for getting started in Ashtanga.  Registration Required.

ASHTANGA BASICS (level 1) Ongoing class for beginners or students new to ashtanga.  Learn the basic principles of the primary series.

ASHTANGA PREP (level 1/2 & level 2) Half Primary Series with emphasis on proper alignment and detail of the standing sequence and first half of the seated postures.  Introduction to more challenging postures and inversions in level 2 class.

FULL PRIMARY SERIES (level 2/3) Flow through the entire Primary Series taught in the traditional sanskrit counted vinyasa.

MYSORE (multi- levels) This is NOT a led class.  Students must commit to one month of practice to begin.  Detailed information on Mysore Practice >


FLOW BASICS: Explore the fundamentals of alignment, movement, and breath awareness that constitute Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice. Students will learn the Sun Salutation and how to connect it to other postures through the breath. Suitable for beginners.

SLOW FLOW: Coordinate alignment & breath in longer-held postures. Suitable for all levels.

CORE FUSION FLOW: A fluid and dynamic vinyasa flow practice that incorporates deep core awareness, stabilization, and strength.

FLOW: Integrate the techniques learned in Flow Basics and Slow Flow into a fluid, dynamic practice that focuses on transitions between postures while building a deeper awareness of the energetic body. Suitable for intermediate practitioners.

VIGOROUS FLOW: Invigorate the body, mind, and spirit through exploring more challenging postures, sequences, and subtle practices in a faster paced Flow-style class. Suitable for experienced practitioners.

ASHTANGA IMPROV:  Unique blend of Vinyasa Yoga, utilizing the fundamentals of the Ashtanga practice.

YOGA JAM: Fun one hour, flow based class taught to music.  Live Music on occasion TBA.


  •  Ashtanga is a physical practice, please bring a towel to class and clean your mat often.
  • Practice on an empty stomach; 3-4 hours after a large meal or 1 hour after a light snack.